Why should we be slim anyway?

Why should we be slim anyway?Many women can take my weight “put up” so much that they decide to not stick to any restrictive diet and my energy you prefer to save on the operation of the household, than to wastefully spend at the gym. They simply live according to one well-known and popular motto : I’m a chubby who likes me, it’s okay.

Even friends can perfectly discourage weight loss. Soothing phrases like : come on, you look great, the guys are like, when is on what to touch, etc. can easily convince yourself that everything is ok, and excess fats not need to be addressed. And so nothing is solved.

But few chubby realizes that slenderness is not just about beauty, but about being healthy. Fats are the main storehouse of toxins, which the body, mainly due to improper eating, does not manage to exclude.  However, for many women, health is not the right reason to strive to break down faldas.

Why should we be slim anyway?The most common and also the strongest motivation for weight loss, it is a crush and a desire to please your new love. But that’s just bad motivation! A woman wants to love her very much, and so her goal is to lose weight as quickly as possible. It is simply necessary to lose weight and be attractive! And very quickly. Or better yet, lightning.

At such a time, she is willing to reach for more drastic weight loss procedures, while also willing to use relatively harmful reparations with a lackluster reputation. And no man is worth it!



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