How to lose weight after Christmas?

How to lose weight after Christmas?It’s the same every year. Christmas is a holiday where you don’t have a lot of necrotization in your food, and that’s what it looks like. You eat almost everything you see, and this will subsequently be signed on your figure. The latter is not only larger, but also the fact that the weight also shows you a higher value. And how to lose weight after Christmas? Follow these principles.

Do not try to starve

Many women make the mistake of starving immediately after the breezes, as they want to eliminate the accumulated kilograms as quickly as possible. This procedure is not only inefficient, but is also dangerous. They can appear:

  • Feelings of nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Apathy

In addition, fasting is associated with the so-called yo-yo effect, which means that eliminated kilograms subsequently returns once again. A healthy life should not be associated with starvation. If you want to lose weight after Christmas, you need to go for it gradually and gradually. That’s the only way to keep the weight down.

Reduce food intake

Reduce food intakeOver Christmas, your food intake gradually increased. Now it is worthwhile to do the opposite, which is related to the desire to reduce food intake gradually. Only this will be effective for weight loss. It is necessary to optimize portions so that the total caloric value on the intake is lower than the caloric value on the outlet. This is the absolute basis of any dietary procedure, which is also recommended by specialists themselves.

Change the diet

What was the garnish during Christmas? Potato salad and other fatty calorie bombs. But now it is worthwhile to start with something less caloric. Try to change your diet overall by replacing unhealthy side dishes with better quality ones as well as healthier ones. Ideal is fruits and vegetables. 


VegetablesIf you also use herbs to do this, you will see for yourself that even the taste can be very interesting. Furthermore, it should be diet modified to contain a sufficient amount of fiber to missing also proteins, but also vitamins, minerals, and energy so much needed carbohydrates.



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