How the Vegan diet improved Me

How the Vegan diet improved MeAs I have already said in one of his article wrote, a few years ago, thanks to my great friend Katherine met, what is it vitariánská diet. Despite my previous Orthodox carnivorous way of life, I eventually succumbed to her lure and began eating 70% raw food.

It wasn’t easy for me, even I didn’t like it, because I’m still thinking of meat and bread, which I ate basically from morning until evening. At the end of the day, I managed with a lot of self-denial. Kate was my big motivation because it was a wholly vitariánkou for six years and only bloomed health, energy and beauty. And that’s what I wanted, Of course.

So with great determination, I started with a 70% raw vegan diet.

The rest was formed by a cooked vegetarian diet. The first 14 days were absolutely awesome. Then came the first wave of detoxification and associated with it very uncomfortable detoxifying manifestations, about which I previously wrote in another article. You can find this article HERE. After a few different thicknesses of detoxification the waves and about a few dozen months later (yes that long it takes before the body is detoxified, if a lot of blocked toxins) I started wearing a watch the first pleasant change. Let me first describe my physical and mental state before I started eating 70% raw vegan.

How the Vegan diet improved MeStatus before: I’m 38 years old, I’m reasonably happy, reasonably in good physical shape, I like walking, but prefer sitting at home and watching tv, or whores on FB. I like warmth, coffee and chill. I go to work that I don’t like, and it barely feeds me. I’m slightly neurotic, everything throws me off, I take everything and I don’t want anything. I don’t even comment on frequent headaches. I get a cold, like, two or three times a year, and once in a while, I lie down with some kind of virosis. I think that’s the standard condition of a middle-aged person. Sometimes quite persistently sore toe and joint to the finger in the right hand, which got pretty swollen (starting dna), hurt my knees (nothing terrible, but I know about them), bothers me a little bit of me bones of the instep (rheumatism, arthrosis) and almost always I feel a sore elbow – an old injury when I fell from the horse. The elbow hurts so much that many times I can not even take anything in my hand, I can not stretch it or, on the contrary, have a longer bent. Plus, I’ve been bothered by some lighter form of psoriasis for a few years.

Me described condition is not a tragedy, I believe that at my age it’s nothing out of the ordinary, approaching me forty, and who in this age of something nepobolívá that?

But after three years of the vitarian diet, there are admirable changes. First of all, of the walks I ran hard hiking, when twenty to thirty miles for me, there is no obstacle. I’m eager to climb a few Forest Hills (long and steep hills) behind me, and I can still breathe and walk normally. Next, all my joints stopped aching. All of a sudden, it’s like he’s gonna shut up. Even my chronically sore elbow, which has troubled me since my twenties (!) years, suddenly completely ceased to hurt. Next, I realized that I had not had a cold for over a year. I wasn’t even sick when everyone around me was dying of the flu. I felt like a superwoman! I caught a new wind and began to develop my self-realization. I started painting and writing. It even feeds me today. The original job, where I wasn’t happy that me sapped and tired, I’m on their old knees left and started doing what I wanted to do as a little – be artist and writer. So I’m finally doing a job that really entertains, fills and feeds me.

How the Vegan diet improved MeI think the vitarian diet has given me a lot. That she made me wake up from lethargy, and most importantly, I found that aching joints were not a matter of age, but of choosing a diet. On a vitarian diet, at the age of 45, I felt physically and mentally much better than when I was 35! I enjoy the action, I’m always on the move and I only play TV before bed to get married. Just the psoriasis is kind of still the same, to her the vitariánská diet hasn’t made many inroads, but I’m so mentally strong and cool, she simply moved on.

For some reasons, however, after a couple of years of raw food eating, I began to return to a conventional diet. Simply put, vegetables and fruits stopped tasting to me all of a sudden, and even more so, they got in my throat. My original naturel of an Orthodox meat-and-flour eater just got in a big way.

The first few months were nothing special, I just started to gain weight, which I tried to brake with exercise and hiking. After about eight months, I noticed that my finger was starting to swell and even occasionally ached. After another time, the thumb at the foot was added and the elbow pain returned. I lack energy, and therefore I often succumb to the magic of television and to Sweet doing nothing. All my past ills just started coming back.

So is this the best time for me to recover and choose the path of purity, humanity and health again? Yes, it is. I believe that even many of the readers who are still with the raw vegan hesitant, I am inspired and convinced that the raw vegan is really what our body and mind makes better and younger.



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